Renew a lamp easily 1

Renew a lamp easily

Today I show you how I changed the look of a lamp shade by adding a decorative detail.

Sometimes the renovation of a room can depend on a small corner, and that corner look renewed with a small detail.

This table lamp, that I have many years ago, is now part of a small desk in the living room.

I placed an old necklace on the screen, and it quickly looks renewed.

It’s very easy! let’s look for a nice necklace that we like and combine with the space tones. Or, we can add trimmings to the screen, simply by pasting it.

Also, if we get bored of the change, it can be removed quickly and easily.

Renew a lamp easily
renew a lamp easily

Any old lamp
An ancient necklace
A renewed screen and a more attractive corner

What do you think about the idea?

Also, I share this inspiring idea that I found on Pinterest, an Anthropologie lamp.

With a pom pom screen, it’s a great idea to do a makeover to any screen.

Making pom poms is very easy, and we can also combine different colors and sizes. Then, paste them to the screen surface

lamp shade with pom pom
pom pom makeover