Great lighting solutions with only small changes

It has happened to me in my house to deal with the lighting, I went through different stages. From lighting with a color of light that I didn’t like, to a shortage of light in some rooms.

lamps and lighting solutions
lamps and lighting

Another recurring problem is that it is difficult for me to choose the wall lamp sconces. The style, size, materials and textures, are all factors that influence when choosing the right lamp in each environment.

Today I bring you two ideas and solutions, for specific interior lighting problems.

Lamps for small spaces

In the first case, when we want to add a point of light, but there is not enough space for a floor lamp or table lamp.

For example, I like this idea for a corner of a room or a reading space.

The solution is wall lamp sconces, there are many models, sizes of artifacts and designs. Particularly, I find very practical models with extendable arms.

This type of lamps is a versatile and comfortable solution to add a new point of light.

The versatility and comfort of these models with mobile or extendable arms, allows to direct the light towards different places.

This adapts to various situations of use, and what translates as greater comfort.

High ceilings and large spaces

The other sometimes problematic case, is the correct lighting of dining rooms. Especially, in large areas and with high ceilings.

If a single lamp does not provide enough light to the environment, especially to the table area, we can resort to integrating two luminaires.

As in the image, the alternative of using two pendant lamps allows a more uniform distribution of light on the table.

In addition, using two lamps of the same model, but in different sizes and at different heights, brings a dynamic and current touch to the decoration.

interior lighting
interior lighting

Did you like these ideas? I hope you find them useful!