Architectural elements to distinghish a house

I want to share ideas of architectural elements that give personality to the houses, stairs, patios and terraces and arches. Elements that are structural and are capable of adding beauty to houses.

Cozy little patio or terrace

An interior patio, or terrace, is a fantastic idea to flood the interior spaces of a house with light.

In this photo,  is a small space that looks attractive thanks to the plants, some in large format, furniture in organic shapes and the white that dominates the surfaces.

cozzy terrace
cozzy terrace

And how do we manage to make a small patio look nice all year round?

First, few pieces of furniture, and above all it will be necessary to choose those that are light. A hammock is a perfect option due to its visual lightness and because it´s easily removed and installed.

There are many materials for outdoor furniture, but wood and natural fibers are much more attractive and blend in with nature.

Plants in pots surrounding the walls or in corners, this creates atmosphere and brings freshness to the space.

Finally, let’s not forget to illuminate these small urban patios. A super easy option to install are string lights, which can be hung on existing structures, on furniture, trees or walls.

little patio
little patio

Architectural elements: an original stairs

A staircase can become a prominent element of the interior architecture of a house.

This element can go unnoticed or behave like an object that stands out and adds style to a house.

Steps that separate like solid blocks add beauty to the path of this staircase.

original stairs
original stairs

Arches in doors and windows

The arches are another distinctive element of the architecture of a house.

They can be applied on doors and windows, also in holes in walls, such as niches, indoors or outdoors as well.

The archways soften the forms and give an attractive rhythm to the constructions.

architectural elements: archway
architectural elements: archway

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