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Simple tips to decorate our home

We gather ideas that drive us to decorate ar our house, and not only focus on trends, we want to focus on environments where we feel comfortable and with which we identify. We tell you simple tips to get it.

The decoration influences the mood of those who inhabit a house, or visit an office or commercial space. And it is possible to improve the spaces with small changes and infallible tricks.

A simple tips about styles for a house

In the decoration of the home it is important to maintain harmony in the set of elements that make up each environment.

This can be achieved by decorating the house with different styles.

It is possible that in the same interior there are different styles, where modern elements are mixed with ancient elements, for example. Being the predominant element that will define the decorative style of the environment.

With a mix of styles or eclectic style you can get a house with personality and unique.

decoration styles
decoration styles

Geometry in decoration

Part of the success in interior decoration depends on balance, order and good taste.

As for the balance, you can help with the geometry, looking for harmony in the curves, straight lines and other geometric figures that appear in a space.

Ensure that the geometric elements do not compete with each other. As each one of them can be an important focus of attention, it is best to find balance and proportion.

Another simple tips, repetition is one of the fundamentals of design. Print rhythm and consistency to a space through the use of geometric figures.

Symmetry and balance can be achieved through the repetition of forms.

It is important that there is correspondence between lines, shapes and that objects are intelligently arranged in space.

shapes in decoration
shapes in decoration

Add green and take care of the views

The view from a room, is another detail to take care of.

Although we do not have a large window, it is advisable, that even a small window, allow visual contact with the exterior.

Dressing the window with brown, caramel or coral tones (which is the trend color), creates a warm atmosphere, a natural and urban space at the same time.

The plants and the green inside the house help to create cozy, and relax spaces.

In any room of the house, even if it is small, it can be used by arranging plants.

There is a huge variety of indoor plants, which can help us beautify our rooms, and add a fresh and natural air.

kitchen with plants
kitchen with plants

Color and decorative accessories

For a room to have an atmosphere conducive to rest and relaxation, you can choose to use colors such as brown, bronze and black.

These are tones inspired by the three elements: fire, air and earth, and that in addition to inspiring tranquility bring elegance.

The use of mirrors and crystals sharpen the sensory effect and visually expand the spaces.

Especially the mirrors, they are ideal for small spaces.

In a kitchen, for example, it is a good alternative to place some plants to decorate and to accentuate the natural air, to use glass, in cupboard doors, and above all: natural light. Even more so if the space that the kitchen has is reduced.

In small spaces it will be good to use good lighting. Also some details, such as metal accessories, gold, copper, silver, serve to add brightness to a room.

bright interior with mirrors
bright interior with mirrors

Simple tips that enhance the decoration

The aroma that flows in the house is another factor that affects the decoration.

Also maintain order in our home is of utmost importance. Well, a messy house does not look good, and clutter can dull the best decoration.

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simple tips to warm interior

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