simple macrame hanging planters

Simple macrame hanging planters

¿Do you want to give natural beauty to your home? You will love this idea: simple macrame hanging planters.

In the link that I share below you will find the photographic step by step, which is very simple to understand:

I was looking for an idea to add plants in a small hall. A hanging ornament that includes color and plants, I gave with this DIY proposal and I found it very interesting.

  • This macramé accessory can be integrated in any corner of the house. A living room, kitchens and bathrooms, dining rooms and hallways too.
  • The important thing is that the plants receive natural light.
  • The macrame technique of this handmade project is very simple, so you can surely do it.
  • Stick to the trend of macrame in decoration, add nature to your home and get down to work!

In this link I show you another idea to decorate an interior with cut flowers.

simple macrame hanging planters
simple macrame hanging planters