Personality and design on walls

Personality and design on walls with wallpaper

This image is very inspiring, it is an idea to provide personality and design on walls. This proposal will allow you to unleash your imagination and create a unique decoration in your home.

In this case it is a children’s bedroom, where the walls are dressed in colorful and patterns. The whole has a special dynamic and gives life to space.

Personality and design on walls
Personality and design on walls

Design on walls

To give a new look to the walls of your house, in a children’s room, a hallway, dining rooms or wherever you want:

Wallpaper of different designs   +   to combine three or more designs in a room  =  Walls with style and personality.

Also this idea is fantastic because it allows you to play with creativity and make as many combinations as you can think of.

If you already have wallpaper leftovers from previous jobs in your home, this is the perfect occasion to use them.

You’ll even be saving a little money if you use leftover material you already have in your house.

On the other hand, when there are several designs for a coating you like and you do not know which one to choose. With this idea you can use as many as you like.

A trick to achieve an attractive result: choose papers with shades that harmonize. Two or three complementary colors (you can consult here the color circle) that you like will allow you to add a nice and unique wink to a room.

As in the case of photography, these are wallpapers of the range of neutral colors. To add more beauty to the whole, each coating sector has a different print.

You can choose stripes, combined geometric figures, flowers, bikes, letters, numbers …

Vertical cutouts

Another trick that we should not ignore is the cut that is made of paper designs. As having divided the walls into vertical sectors, gives a greater effect to this bedroom.

Photo: delikatissen