Original and Simple Furniture

A single piece brings beauty, simplicity and functionality, this is a furniture that incorporates a lighting fixture that is particularly suitable for use in bedrooms, wearing comfort and attractive in one step.

This is an ideal piece to be inspired and create a similar that fits the needs of our house. Because in this case it serves as a nightstand for a bedroom, but could also fulfill different functions in other rooms of a house.

It is a united wood in two planes, one of them (the most extensive) has tack to a wall and holding a lamp.
While the other shorter plane, is located horizontally and serves as support surface.

The set is very suitable for use as a bedside table with a unique aesthetic, with the elegant and natural supply of wood.

The design of this multifunctional furniture betting austerity of forms and the warmth and nobility of the materials.

original and simple furniture for bedroom of wood
original and simple furniture for bedroom of wood

Photo: PablaenCasa