How to decorate a casual and romantic table

How to decorate a casual and romantic table

This deco tip is ideal to adapt to both an outdoor and indoor meal and create a romantic table.

Decorate a romantic table in 5 steps

How to decorate a casual and romantic table
How to decorate a casual and romantic table

If you want to decorate a table of a day or a romantic dinner, I show you that with few elements you can create a unique atmosphere.

– First, forget the formality for a moment, and let yourself be driven by your instincts.

Even more if you want to reflect your personality in the creation of a romantic table.

– Play with shapes.
Choose dishes with geometric pieces, like square plates. You can combine them with crystals of sinuous shapes.

This set of shapes will bring warmth and simplify to the decoration.

– Not all are white tablecloths and elegant textiles.
You can decorate your table with old table cloths, I love those that have embroidery and that reflect the passage of time.

Are perfect for printing a personal seal to the dining room.

If you prefer you can use crocheted tablecloths. Include several small tablecloths on your table and you’ll see what a lovely effect you get.

Luminates the atmosphere.
Whether it is a daytime meeting or a dinner, you can achieve a special touch in your dining room with different points of light in the room.

For example, look for some of the garlands of lights you use at Christmas to decorate your house, and use them in your dining room.

Choose a bold and friendly way to use them. Hanging them in a window, in furniture, forming a luminous frame on doors or mirrors.

In short, sure you will find the way to decorate with some lights.

– Flowers, take advantage of fresh flowers, even more at times of the year when they are easy to get.

I propose that instead of some flowers in a vase, you bet on something more simple and romantic.

Drop small flowers or petals on the table, which fall gently on the tablecloth, next to the plate or the glasses …

Surely you can capture the attention of your guests and add warmth to the evening.