Big Ideas Small Spaces:

Big ideas, small spaces and furniture

We show ideas small spaces, which were inspired to create comfortable, versatile and modern in a few square meters environments.

Space used right  =    custom furniture   +   vertical space

Furniture and ideas small spaces

Using custom furniture is an advantage to use every centimeter in a small room.

Multipurpose furniture are perfect because they take up little space and meet several functions in one piece.

The vertical space is another alternative for maximizing a small space.

Install shelves and librarys on the walls, you can use the vertical space of a room.

Shelves on the walls facilitate maintain an organized and visually clean environment.

Furthermore, this item is perfect because it can be placed on irregular walls, hanging shelves only custom made.

¡ Inspiration and big ideas for small and modern spaces !

Big Ideas Small Spaces
Big Ideas Small Spaces

photo: pinterest